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The History of Rolex watchbrand

There is no use of talking about Rolex as everyone knows what is a Rolex. This is a must for a successful person like a prestigious car, a big house or a golden Parker pen in the pocket of an Armany suit.

If you are willing to achive this image you may start from buying a Rolex replica. You will never regret doing as a copy Rolex repeats every feature of the genuine Rolex. The replica Rolex quality is comparable with that of the original. More to that in our store you can choose from the wide variety of replica Rolexes to find the one that will fully correspond to your personality. So purchase a Rolex copy now and make the fist step on your way to the dream.

The most interesting and rare Rolex models

A longstanding tradition, classic watch design and moderate technical progress are the factors of success. That is why success accompanies Rolex watches. Their design follows in the same direction (so that old and new models are very similar to each other), and timers from Rolex are no filigree trinkets, but mechanisms that are doing their job flawlessly for years.

Rolex Oysterquartz

There was time when no watch workshop could do without quartz watches, so Rolex did not stay aside. But those days are gone, and quartz Rolex watches, in particular Rolex Oysterquartz models, were withdrawn from production. The remaining copies were bought from private dealers and shops, so finding such a watch is possible only on used watches market, and very seldom. Perhaps that is why they are so popular among collectors.
Case of the watch is not like other Rolex cases and equipped with a built-in ledge for the strap, and sharp cut angles (facets) are situated at the edges. Mechanism from Rolex, as usual, is very hardworking and considered one of the best quartz mechanisms among connoisseurs. Nevertheless, these models did not enjoy much success. It is difficult to say whether a case design, price or something else were the reason. Perhaps, in clients' representation, Rolex brand claims of premium-class and quartz technology combined each other in a wrong way. Then Rolex tried to put mechanical watch in this case, but after a small series, this project was also closed because of low demand. After Oysterquartz series watches were removed from production, their specific case form disappeared completely.

Rolex Day-Date

Day-Date watch is manufactured by Rolex since 1956, and together with Rolex Submariner, this is probably the most famous Rolex model and at the same time the most recognizable model of the company. Rolex Day-Date Along with the date indicator under magnifying glass, well-known due to many other Rolex models, Day-Date feature - is the index of days of week near the number "12". Day-Date is available in case of steel, white, yellow and red gold, and when this watch was created, designers developed a new strap specifically for it. Only this model has a so-called "Presidential strap".

The strap received its name from U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower, who was presented a Day-Date watch on the occasion of his re-election. In the U.S., they even call this watch "President".
In 2000 there happened the most significant change in Day-Date: the case was equipped with polished strap horns. Because of this, transitional parts became unnecessary and were removed, so that the strap is now attached directly to the watch. Known from other models "Oyster strap", which was recently equipped with a special lock, may become an alternative to the president's strap. Such lock is situated on the presidential strap since the mid 1960's, but it became a novelty for the oyster strap.

Rolex Explorer II

Rolex Explorer II model, as well as GMT Master watch, is equipped with a clockwork mechanism with a double time pointer. But unlike GMT, bezel is not rotating here, but attached to the case. Rolex Explorer II The fact is that the watch was originally designed for cavers, who explore caves, stay under the ground for a long time and can determine day or night not always. Therefore, researchers must distinguish between the time of day with the help of the watch: the second hand makes a full rotation every 24 hours, rather than 12, as usual, and a second series of figures is situated on the edge: from "1" to "12".
The latest version of this model has black and white faces, under a buyer's choice, but true connoisseurs find old models more interesting. The very first Explorer II had a big orange hand, because of which this watch was called Orange Hand. This model is very popular and sold two or three times more expensive, than the latest versions of Explorer II. The same applies to the special Explorer II series with the face, which eventually turns creamy due to a factory error, that is why this watch is called Cremedial. This model is also very rare and therefore very expensive. But the desire to get this watch has a disadvantage: they are often counterfeited and copied, and distinguishing the original from a replica watch or forgery is difficult even for specialists.

Rolex Datejust

Rolex Datejust Datejust, as well as Airking - is one of beginners clients' favorite models, who believe Rolex myth. This does not mean that Datejust is a beginner model, this is a full-value Rolex watch, which has nothing to be ashamed of and should not hide behind other models.
Simple design, reminiscent of Day-Date, and several options for size, from small to large, make this watch interesting both for men and women. One side of watch is simple and made of steel, while the other is made of gold and is proud of its diamond face - this is a watch for special occasions. Datejust in small and medium versions are a feminine alternative to Day-Date (this watch has no female option) and by analogy got the nickname of Lady President.
The company recently finalized Datejust watch, adapting it to today's fashion: the watch got polished horns for the strap and a re-decorated, bulging bezel. But, despite these changes, Datejust is still familiar to us - you will not mix it up with anything.

Rolex Yacht-Master II

Rolex Yacht-Master II Sailing is now in vogue, and every self-respecting watch manufacturer has already released a special "sailing" edition to the market. For example, Audemars Piguet decided to cooperate with Alinghi, and Girard-Perregaux with BMW-Oracle. Rolex Company went its own way and released a new Yacht-Master II, a real regatta chronograph. This watch is designed not to allow members of the yachting team checking time with it, but to allow skipper leading the countdown. Omega already released a similar model, but its watch is decorated not so richly.
With a diameter of 42.6 mm, Yachtmaster II has the largest case of all Rolex watches. This case is available in two versions: yellow and white 18-karat gold. Near the crown, there are two buttons, just like in aytona, which, together with bezel, allow using this watch as a regatta chronograph. The mechanism was developed by Rolex in a completely new way, because due to its multifunctionality, it has high complexity. In any case, all 360 parts are made by Rolex craftsmen.

Rolex GMT Master GMT Master was developed in 1954 by a special order: Pan American Airlines was looking for a watch that would have shown time in two time zones. Then Rolex created a GMT Master model (GMT - short for Greenwich Mean Time), with a second, separate arrow, which, unlike the usual, makes a complete circle not for 12, but 24 hours. Therefore, the bezel has an additional scale with 24 divisions. This allows you learning time in two places at the same time. This model became a huge success, and GMT Master firmly entrenched in Rolex model palette. Since the new feature is attractive not only for pilots, these watches are popular among ordinary consumers. Watches were held constant modernization, but their nature remained unchanged: old GMT models are still very similar to modern versions. The latest novelty was released in 2007, first with gold, and then a steel case. The steel GMT version was firstly presented at watch and jewelry exhibition Baselworld-2008: it has an enlarged case, new bezel with massive solid inlaid numbers and improved clockwork.

Rolex Daytona

Rolex Daytona Rolex Daytona is one of the most sought Rolex models. Customers are recorded in a queue for this watch, and have to wait for this steel model sometimes during 10 years. This fact separates Daytona watches from a usual buyer, while increasing their attractiveness, so that at free market price for the watch goes through the roof, but there are people willing to pay such price.
Originally, Daytona was released on the market as a watch with manual winding. At one time, such celebrities as Paul Newman wore this watch with a special face, and experts named Daytona Paul-Newman-Daytona. However, at the time watches with manual winding were not very popular and stored on the shelves like a dead weight. When watches got a self-starter, the situation changed. First, Daytona got the mechanism of Zenith Swiss Company, and little later, it was stuffed by Rolex. Having started production of watches with own clock ticking, Rolex provided itself independence for a long time, and today it is one of the few watch brands that does not belong to some major companies.

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